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Advice When Buying Lap Dances

When you are at a Las Vegas gentlemen’s club, you will be approached by many women who want to entertain you.  A few will come up and say “Hi, want to buy a dance?”  In most cases, I politely tell these ladies no and they will leave.  Most of the women will sit down with you and engage in some small talk. This is much nicer because you then get to decide if you are interested in buying dances.

After a bit of conversation, the lady will ask if you want to buy a dance. Some dancers will immediately suggest going to the VIP area where you will have “more fun”. In this case, tell the lady that you might later but you want to buy a $20 dance first. Once you agree to the dance, the lady will remove most of her outfit so that all she is wearing is her panties.  During the song, she will dance in front of you, sit on your lap, and rub up against you.

It’s easy to let the environment you are in cloud your judgment.  Keep these tips in mind when buying your dances.

Dances Last For a Full Song

Make sure the dancer waits until the start of a new song before she begins her dance.  Generally, most women will do this without you mentioning it, but sometimes a girl will start her dance in the middle of a song and quit when the song is over and want to charge you for the full song.

Pay Attention to the Music

Don’t get so caught up in the dance that you stop paying attention to the music.  Notice when the song ends.  She is paying attention to it also.  At the end of a song, most girls will ask if you want to continue.  Be aware that it is going to be another $20 if you say yes.  Now, some girls won’t say anything at the start of the next song, they will just keep dancing for you.  If you don’t want a second dance, then you must tell her to stop shortly after the start of the song.  Otherwise she will keep dancing for you and you will unwittingly have spent more than you wanted.  Again, when you ask her to stop, be nice and thank her for the dance.

Pay After the Dance

Don’t pay for a dance up front.  Only pay when the dance is over.  Be firm on this.  Sometimes, you may have had a little too much alcohol and a dishonest lady might ask you to pay her again at the end of the dance hoping you forgot you already paid.

Should You Also Tip The Dancer?

Some girls might ask you for a tip by saying something like.  “It’s $20 for the dance and $5 for my tip.”  Tipping the dancer is completely optional.  If you think she gave you a very nice dance, by all means, tip her!  If a lady asks for a tip, you are not obligated to give her one.  Many dancers have said this is inappropriate behavior on the lady’s part.

Lap Dance Etiquette

Did you notice how big the bouncers are!  Here are some rules you MUST follow if you don’t want to get kicked out. For more information on lap dance etiquette, see What to Expect From a Las Vegas Strip Club Lap Dance.

  • Do not kiss the lady.
  • Do not lick her.
  • Do not put your hands in her underwear.
  • Ask her where you are allowed to touch her.  Some ladies are more liberal in that area than others.  Don’t touch her in places she says are off limits.
  • If you put your hands in an off-limits area, she will move your hands away.  Apologize for your mistake and don’t do it again.
  • Follow her lead.  Let her put your hands where she wants them.

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