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Average Costs at a Las Vegas Strip Club

A number of requests have been made on how much it costs to go to a Las Vegas strip club.  The amount you spend is based on your personal preferences, but it is good to know how much the services cost in general. Below are the average amounts you can expect to pay when visiting a Las Vegas strip club.

Taxi Service

$15 – $20 depending on distance from your resort to the club.

Cover Charge

$20 – $50 depending on the club itself

By using a club’s pickup service, you won’t have to pay for a taxi or for the cover charge.  That gives you more money for drinks and dances!

Drinks and Tips

$8 – $15 depending on the club and the drink you order.
Tipping the waitress is required and the tip should be $1 – $2 per drink.

Lap Dance

$20 is the going rate for lap dances on the main floor of virtually all clubs. Some clubs do have time periods where they offer discount dances.

Tipping the dancer after the dance is optional and based on your experience. See Advice When Buying Lap Dances for more detail.

VIP Area

Each club has its own rate for VIP time, but most are as follows:
$100 for 3 songs
$300 for a half hour
$500 – $600 for a full hour

Most clubs require you to purchase drinks in the VIP area and you should expect to pay anywhere between $50 to $200 depending on how much VIP time you purchase. Check out The VIP Areas of Las Vegas Strip Clubs for more details.

Take  cash to the club so you can minimize use of your credit card.  Most clubs charge you an extra fee if you pay for VIP time with your card.

Some of the clubs may offer you discounts based on the number of people in your party. Call the club you are planning to visit and see what kind of deal they will give you on their services.

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