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Best Lap Dance in Las Vegas Strip Clubs

a-lap-danceOne of the biggest questions we receive is where to go to get the best lap dances. This is a difficult question to answer since people have different viewpoints on what a good lap dance is. Let’s assume that a good lap dance consists of sensual dancing, a significant amount ob body contact, and the touching. There are three major criteria that determine whether you will get the best lap dance. These are the club, the lady, and you.

The Club

If you are searching for the best lap dance in Las Vegas, selecting the club is the first challenge. Avoid clubs that are in the main tourist areas. One such club to avoid is the Fremont Street—Girls of Glitter Gulch. Being on Fremont Street, the club has to be much more careful about what the dancers and customers are allowed to do.

There are some excellent clubs for seeking the best lap dance and you will have to try a few to find the one with the type of girls and atmosphere you like. However, there are a few clubs that provide a very good environment for getting the best lap dance. Olympic Garden, Treasures, Sapphire, and Cheetah’s are good places to start your quest for the perfect lap dance.

The Lady

Selecting a lady who will provide you with a great lap dance can be a challenge. When a woman comes to your table, if the first thing she says is “Do you want to buy a dance?”, she is not probably going to be a good candidate. However, if the lady sits down with you, or sits on your lap, and wants to talk a bit, she is trying to get an idea of what type of person you are. The better you get along with the dancer, the more likely it is that she will provide a fun lap dance experience. The dancers are more apt to be more intimate with someone they feel comfortable with. General touching of you and closeness are also good indicators that you will receive a good dance. Don’t be tempted to go to the VIP section if she asks. Ask for a dance at your table first. Everybody has different types of women they find attractive, with so many women who work at the clubs, you are sure to find a few who meet your personal tastes. Although it’s not always the case, most times Asian ladies and brunettes are more sensual and provide high-quality dances.

Your Attitude

How you act toward the women is the most important aspect of whether you get a good lap dance. If you act like a jerk, you will be treated like one. Be respectful and nice to the women, even the ones who you are not interested in. Being in a strip club doesn’t give you the right to treat the women badly. So, the advice here is to be yourself. If your nature is to be an ass, then at least pretend to be a nice guy if you can.


Getting the best lap dance in Las Vegas can be a fun quest. As the article explains, there are many factors involved to reach your goal. Start with the clubs suggested, select the type of lady you are attracted to, and be a nice guy. Chances are you will find someone who provides you with a lot of enjoyment. If you find someone you would like to see at the club on your next visit to Las Vegas, let her know. Chances are she will give you a phone number so you can contact her on your next visit.


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