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Dress Codes at Las Vegas Gentlemen’s Clubs

DressCodeSignAll of the major Las Vegas gentlemen’s clubs have dress codes. The clubs want their customers to be nicely dressed. Some clubs have rules about hats and other accessories. So, if you are not sure about a particular piece of clothing, call the club and ask. That is definitely preferable to being turned away at the door.

If you follow the recommendations below, you can be sure that you will be allowed entrance.

Dressing for your Las Vegas gentlemen’s club visit

  • Don’t wear jeans. The material is way to rough. Although most clubs allow jeans if they are nice-looking, the women don’t like them.  Jean material is not comfortable for the ladies when providing you with a dance.
  • Don’t wear sweat pants.
  • Wear soft dress pants. They are more comfortable for both you and the ladies.
  • Don’t wear flip-flops or sandals. You aren’t going to the beach. Wear dress shoes to go with the pants. You can wear walking or running shoes if you want, but make sure they are clean and not smelly.
  • Wear underwear.
  • Wear a dress shirt, not a tee shirt or tank top. A tee shirt looks too sloppy and casual.
  • Some clubs may allow you to wear shorts. If you go to Las Vegas in the summer, it can be pretty hot and shorts may be acceptable. However, make sure they are nice-looking and not cut-offs. Again, even with shorts, don’t wear sandals. If you want to wear shorts, check with the club before going to make sure they are allowed.

Since the clubs want their customers to look presentable, they enforce their dress codes. There are very few exceptions, if any, allowed.





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