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How Much Does a Night at a Las Vegas Gentlemen’s Club Cost

The easy answer to this question is with the question “How much money do you have?”  But, seriously, you can enjoy your time at a Las Vegas strip club and not regret it after you leave by knowing the costs of different services before going to the club.

Cover Charge

Expect to spend a reasonable amount on your night at the club.  For tourists, most clubs have a $20 to $30 cover charge.  So, be prepared for that.  To avoid a cover charge and cab fare, see the section How To Get Into Las Vegas Strip Clubs Free


Drinks are also not cheap.  You can expect to pay anywhere from $7 to $12 for a drink while sitting in the main floor area of a club.  If you choose to take a lady to the VIP area, the drink prices will usually go up.  You can expect to be paying around $15 or more per drink there.


In most of the clubs, dances on the main floor are $20 each.  If you take a girl to the VIP area, ask her for the pricing for different time periods and different VIP areas and if you are required to buy a minimum number of drinks while in the VIP area.  Generally, when I buy dances on the main floor, I don’t give the girl an extra tip.  But if I am in a VIP area and she has spent a lot of time talking to me outside of the dance time, I will give her a 20% tip.

If you want to sit at the stage and tip a girl, usually a dollar is good.  If you really think you would want the girl to come sit with you after her stage show, tell her so and give her an extra dollar or two.

VIP Services

For VIP services, most clubs will accept your credit card.  You can use it for your bar tab, or to buy “fake” money to pay for dances.  Using your credit card to buy the money has some additional charges associated with it.  The club will charge your card an extra 10% for this service.  Also, in most clubs, when the lady exchanges the “money” for cash, she is also required to pay 10%.  So, if you give her $100, it costs you $110 and she gets $90.  Also, when using a credit card, the VIP host will expect around a 20% tip, so be prepared for that.

Tipping the Staff

Don’t forget, Las Vegas runs on tips.  So, expect to tip the people at the club also.  You will be tipping for drinks, assistance from the staff, and even in the restroom.  Expect to tip at least $1-$2 per drink.  If you ask to see a specific lady, you will also tip the person who gets her for you, usually $5 to $10.  Finally, the nice clubs have attendants in the restrooms who do an excellent job of keeping things orderly.  Tip them at least $1 when you go to the restroom.

Additional Information

Before you start using your credit card at a gentlemen’s club, or anywhere else in Las Vegas, call your credit card provider and let them know you will be using the card in Las Vegas.  If you don’t your card may be declined and you will have to call the credit card company anyway to get that cleared up.

As you can tell, spending an evening at a gentlemen’s club can get very expensive!  So, don’t get so drunk that you are charging all of your evening.  You will regret it later.  Also, if you want to stay on a strictly cash basis, you can bring cash with you, or you can use one of the ATMs located in most of the clubs.

It’s easy to be tempted by alcohol and the ladies to spend more money than you can afford.  One simple solution to this is to get the cash you are willing to spend before going to the club and leave your credit cards in your hotel room.  Then, when you run out of money, it’s time to leave the club.  Just make sure you save $20 for the cab ride back to your hotel!



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