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How Much to Tip at Las Vegas Strip Clubs

If you don’t know already, Las Vegas is a very service oriented environment.  And, many of the people you encounter rely heavily on tips as part of their income.  Going to a gentlemen’s club is no different.  Consequently, it is very important to tip people in the club.  Here are the general guidelines to follow.  You can adjust them to your individual experiences.

Who to tip and how much to tip

If you want your waitress to keep coming back, then tip her at least $1.00 per drink.  Depending on how the club charges for drinks, you might tip more.  For example, if the club charges $8.50 for a drink, it’s easier to tip $1.50 and not worry about getting quarters back.  The same goes if you sit at the bar.  Tip the bartender.

If a club host directed you to a seat, you should tip him between $5 and $10 depending on how crowded it is and where he seats you.

If you like a particular lady and you want one of the floor hosts or the waitress to have her come to your table, tip that person $5.

If you decide to sit at the stage where a lady is dancing, be prepared to tip her at least $1 if she comes over and dances in front of you.

When you go to the restroom in most of the clubs, there will be a restroom attendant.  That job is probably the worst in the club.  Generally, the attendant will provide you with a towel after you wash your hands.  Tip him $1 or $2 for his service.  While on the subject of going to the restroom I need to add one more comment.  WASH YOUR HANDS!  One of the most disgusting things I can think of is to see someone who has just gone to the bathroom just walk out of the men’s room.  Again, WASH YOUR HANDS and USE SOAP!  If you have a lady at your table while you are in the restroom, she will be able to tell if you have washed your hands.  Believe me on this.

Tipping in the VIP area of a strip club

If you decide to take a lady to the VIP area of the club, and you are going to pay her with cash, tip the VIP host $10 when you get to the VIP area.  You can also ask the lady what she thinks is an appropriate tip for the host.  Most women will give you an honest answer.

If you decide to put the charges for the VIP area on your credit card, this is a whole different story.  What will happen in this case is that the host will take your card and run the charge for the amount you say.  He will then come to your table with the charge slip where you will add the tip.  A good tip in this case is 15% to 25%.  Realize laso that if you use a credit card, you will be charged about 10% for using the card.  The lady will then get “fake” money for the amount of time you are spending.  When she turns that in to get cash, they will also charge her 10%.

Here’s an example to make it clearer.  You want to spend $100 on a lady and use your card.  You will be charged $110 and that is the base for your tip to the host.  You tip 20% ($22), and now your charge is $132.  The lady gets $100 in fake money and, at the end fo the evening she turns it in for cash, she gets $91.  So, if you have the cash to pay for your VIP time, you and the lady are both better off.

In most VIP ares, you are also required to purchase at least two drinks.  The drinks will be about double the price of those on the floor and you will tip the waitress about 20%.  There is usually no extra charge for using your credit card for the drinks.



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