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How to Act at a Las Vegas Strip Club

Okay, you’ve arrived at a Las Vegas strip club and are sitting at your table.  You want the ladies to come over and talk to you.  This is pretty easy since the women are always watching for new customers coming to the club.  Chances are that you will have someone sitting with you before the waitress brings your first drink.  There are some Las Vegas strip club etiquette tips you should follow to make your time at the club more fun.

The most important etiquette rule is to treat the women with respect!  Remember, that you are in their place of business and that entertaining you is their job. Treat the women with the same respect that you expect from people you meet.

Don’t be a jerk.  If you came with some friends, don’t start yelling rude remarks to the girls on stage.  It is a sure way to NOT get someone to come to your table.

Don’t touch or grab any of the ladies that walk by.  They are here for your entertainment, not to be groped.  If you want to get someone’s attention, just say something to her or tap her on the arm or shoulder.

Sit in an inviting manner.  Don’t have your arms crossed as that indicates to everyone that you are really not interested in the whole experience.

Smile and be friendly to anyone who talks to you.  If a lady comes up that you are not interested in, don’t feel obligated to spend time with her.  Simply tell her that you aren’t interested in buying a dance at this time and thank her for stopping at your table.

Your goal while sitting at the table is to give the impression that you are a fun and nice person to hang around with.  If you can do this, you will get a lot of attention.

The club security men are always around and are more than willing to answer any questions.  Sometimes, one will stop by your table just to see how you are enjoying yourself.  Talk with him for a little while.  If this is your first time at the club, let him know and be friendly.  When the ladies see you talking and joking with the security people, you will be considered more appealing.  They trust the opinions of the security people, and rely on them for their safety, so getting in good with them is to your advantage. Now, if you are a trouble maker, the security people will also be happy to show you the door, and they are very persuasive when asking you to leave.

Although this information is geared to Las Vegas strip clubs, these same guidelines apply to all strip clubs, even the club is a small local club like The Silver Bullet Bar in Urbana, Illinois!


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