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How to Pick the Type of Las Vegas Strip Club to Visit

There are two options for gentlemen’s clubs in Las Vegas. You can go to a topless club, or an all-nude club. Your choice is based on both your personal preferences and what you expect fromyour experience. Hopefully, the information in this article will help you make a selection.

All-Nude Las Vegas Strip Clubs

If you go to a all-nude club, the stage shows and the personal dances are performed that way.  That sounds interesting, but the down side is that almost all of the nude clubs do not serve alcohol.  A few of the clubs will let you “sneak” your own alcohol into the club, but that can be a hassle.  The other disadvantage to a nude club is that the girls tend to have more of a hands-off attitude.  Generally, the girls at nude clubs are younger than those at the topless clubs.  Since these clubs don’t serve alcohol, girls can dance when they are eighteen as opposed to twenty-one at the topless clubs. The only exception to the no alcohol nrde club law is The Palomino Club. They were around before the law took effect and are grandfathered in.

Topless Las Vegas Strip Clubs

All of the topless clubs serve alcohol.  Since the girls are all over twenty-one, they can drink with you while you are there.  The extra few years also do a lot to increase the maturity level of the ladies.  Many of them have four-year degrees and most of them have attended some college at least.  This maturity really helps when you are trying to carry on a conversation with someone you find interesting. The topless clubs are, for the most part, larger with more women.

What Size Club Should You Visit

There are a number of large gentlemen’s clubs in Las Vegas, and also a number of smaller clubs.  It is a good idea for a tourist to stick to the larger clubs for a number of reasons.  The large clubs have many more dancers than the small clubs.  The big clubs also have better security and nicer amenities all around. Generally, the taxi services to and from the small clubs is not as reliable. When you leave a large club, there are always cabs waiting, but with a small club, you may have to call one yourself. Although a small club might cost you less to visit, they tend to attract the Las Vegas locals, which is fine.  However, as with any local bar scene, you might stand out because everyone can tell you are from out of town.  It is a good idea to select one of the larger topless clubs because you won’t be disappointed and you will feel much safer.

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  2. emma April 20, 2012 at 3:43 pm #

    There is definitely a different etiquette in USA to that in Australia, thanks for such informative details, you’ve answered every question we had to ensure we behave ourselves appropriately 🙂

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