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The VIP Areas of Las Vegas Strip Clubs

After you have bought a dance or two from a particular lady, she will probably ask if you want to move to the VIP area of the club.  Before you decide that it is a good idea, make sure you find out how much it is going to cost. In most clubs, you can buy three songs for $100, a half-hour for around $300, and an hour for $500.  All three of those propositions may be more than you are willing to spend on the girl.

The VIP Areas in Las Vegas Strip Clubs

The VIP areas of Las Vegas strip clubs are substantially darker than the main floor areas and you have more privacy.  There is a more liberal policy as far as touching goes, and it is quieter.  Still, be aware there is security in the area, and if you go too far, you will be warned or asked to leave. The clubs generally have separate VIP areas depending on how much money and time you plan to spend.  There is usually an open area with tables and couches.  This is the area where you would sit when you buy the basic package of 3 songs for $100.  For those who want to spend the $300 or more for more time, the clubs have more private areas where you will spend your time alone with the lady.

Buying Drinks in the VIP Area

Be aware that along with the dances, you will be required to purchase a number of drinks.  Find out what the bar tab will be.  In the $100 area, you are generally required to buy two drinks per each set of three songs you buy.  In the $300 area, you may be required to foot a $100 bar tab, and in the $500 area, it could be as much as $400 for the bar tab alone!

If you are in the $100 area and buying individual drinks, you will find that they are more expensive than in the main area of the club.  If you have been paying $8 for a bottle of beer, expect to pay at least $13.  Even a standard bottle of water can cost $15!  So, be aware of drink prices before you choose to spend time in the VIP area.

Should you go to the VIP area?

If this is your first time in a Vegas strip club, or any strip club for that matter, I would recommend against it.  However, if you have been to strip clubs a few times, and you are getting along well with the lady, then you should give it a try. Depending on how well you are getting along with the lady, the VIP area can be quite interesting.

Using Your Credit Card in the VIP Area

While spending time in the VIP area of a Las Vegas strip club, many people choose to use credit cards.  This practice, though very convenient, will cost you more.  Please see How Much to Tip at Las Vegas Strip Clubs and How Much Does a Night at a Las Vegas Gentlemen’s Club Cost for details on using credit cards in the VIP area of a club.

Which Club has the Best VIP Area?

That is a difficult question to answer. One of the favorite strip club VIP areas is at Olympic Gardens.  They have designed their VIP area to be quite private if you are spending at least a half-hour with a lady.  You have a private booth with a table, couch, and a sheer curtain that pretty much assures you of privacy. Combine that with friendly ladies and staff, and you won’t be disappointed. The photo on the right shows the VIP area st Olympic Gardens.


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  1. Treasures Stripper December 10, 2011 at 7:08 pm #

    Good article on VIP rooms. As a dancer, of course, I have to remind everyone to remember to include tips for the bartenders, waitresses, and the strippers. If you can’t afford to tip you probably shouldn’t be in a strip club in the first place.

    • Celina January 21, 2012 at 6:06 am #

      Short, sweet, to the point, FREE-extacly as information should be!


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