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The Women at Las Vegas Gentlemen’s Clubs

Well, here’s what you actually came to the club for; the women. The size and popularity of the club determines the number and attractiveness of the women. Smaller, less popular clubs will have fewer women, and these clubs will also have fewer customers as well.

Generally, the larger clubs will have anywhere from fifty to one hundred women working on a given evening. And, that is on weeknights.  There are usually more on Friday and Saturday evenings to handle the larger customer base.

That being said, you will not have difficulty finding the girl of your dreams!  Most of the girls at the major clubs are white with a nice mix of hair color.  Asian women generally average around 20-30 percent.  African-Americans make up about 5% and there are some other ethnic groups also.  Of the white girls, most are American, and there are generally many eastern European women also.

When a lady comes to talk with you, one of the criteria to use for whether to spend time with her is how well you can understand what she is saying.  Some of the Asian and eastern European girls have very thick accents and are difficult to understand.  With the loud music, it can be hard enough to carry on a conversation, but almost impossible if you can’t understand what the girl is saying.

Choose to spend time with a woman who appeals to you physically and who you can understand.

Etiquette Tip

As stated earlier, at the larger clubs, there are many ladies.  Sometimes, there are actually more women than customers.  Consequently, the women are eager for you to spend time with them.  Realize that the women pay attention to the customers.  They will avoid the jerks and try to find guys who appear sincere.  Since there are usually a lot of women, if you treat the women nicely, you will have your choice of who attracts you most.  If you aren’t interested in a lady who approaches you, thank her for her time and send her on her way, but do it nicely.


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