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What to Expect From a Las Vegas Strip Club Lap Dance

Lap DanceFor those who have never been to Las Vegas, one of the most frequent questions asked is “What should I expect from a lap dance at a Las Vegas strip Club?”  This article will attempt to answer this question. There are many variables involved which determine the quality of the dance.  These are described below.

The Las Vegas City Lap Dance Ordinances

Las Vegas has city ordinances that describe what activities are permitted by dancers and customers during a lap dance.  In theory, the city ordinance is very strict on what contact can occur during a dance, but the ordnance is not strictly enforced.  One item to note is that most of the strip clubs are outside of the city limits and fall under the county ordance which is much more liberal on contact.

The Las Vegas Strip Club You Visit

One of the major factors determining the type of lap dance you receive is the club environment itself.  This environment is determined by the philosophy of the management and includes: how bright the club is, how closely the floor hosts pay attention to what the customers and dancers are doing, and what they look for when hiring dancers. More dimly lit clubs are more conducive to more personal contact.

The Dancers

The biggest variable in determining the dance you will get is the dancer.  Some ladies are very strict about the contact they will have with you.  Other ladies are more liberal in that area and will allow the customer to touch more personal areas. When at a club, watch how the ladies are dancing for other customers, but don’t stare, and you will get an idea of what you can expect from a dance.

The Customer

Another major aspect of the quality of the dance from a lady is the customer.  No one wants to associate with someone who smells or has a bad attitude.  So, before going to a club, customers should be clean.  At the club, treat the ladies with kindness and respect.  The nicer you are as a customer, the more enjoyable of a lap dance you will have.

What to Expect During the Lap Dance

lap dancing exampleSo, what can you actually expect from a good lap dance?  You can expect the lady to dance topless for you.  She will dance in front of you, press her body against yours, and sit on your lap and move rhythmically. She will also probably touch your chest, arms, and legs.  You as the customer are permitted to touch most of the exposed skin on the dancer while she is performing her dance.  However, be wary of touching more intimate areas.  She will let you know if that is allowed.


The general description of the dance applies to dances the customer purchases on the main floor of the club.  If a customer and a lady go to the more private, VIP area of the club, then more intimate contact may be permitted.  Again, this all depends on the factors described above.  If you have more specific questions, please become a subscriber and ask your questions in our Q and A section.

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